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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> the new app with "the list" tv it's september 7th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." >> got it got it. >> a woman tells a school boy to run after he just escapes being kidnapped. >> how a crowd tries to comfort one terrified kid. she's a 700 pound bbw model with a large following online. to get so much bigger. a trapped cow tenses up when he hears that sound. >> coming near your head with a chainsaw. >> how it turns into a rescue by one handy man. we've got christian, oli, charity, gayle and nick breaking down the hot videos on the web, including the newest way for guys with wives to check in. >> what emoji do you use?
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heart shaped eyes. >> see which ones get the job done. >> i've been using the huggy face man and woman together two hearts. >> oh, oh. >> that goes a long way. are you kidding? >> got it got it. got it. >> talk about an intense situation on the streets of mexico. there's a woman recording this video you see the coming from that vehicle. looks like the men are physically struggling then we see some of the men run in the car, close the door, take off, one of the people involved, in that incident starts running toward the woman recording this video as she's screaming to him to run really fast. it turns out that's a school boy that just escaped being
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>> that's exactly right. and according to reports, there was a physical struggle to get this kid in the vehicle but the kid fought back enough that he was able to break their grip and run away from from them and suddenly we see that there's a group that gaers around the boy once the camera pans up they hear him kind of explaining what they were doing. [ speaking spanish ] sounds like he mace there may have been four people in the car, two people that were trying to push him in the driver and another passenger. >> was he specifically targeted? was he a target of opportunity? >> well see here's the thing at this point there are no reports on a motive, they doesn't know anything about this, whether the kid was targeted or not. but the thing is this incident really could have been an attempted kidnapping that would have really gone in any
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went. >> just disappear on the streets. >> got it got it. got it. got it. >> don't have a cow, man. >> unless you're this cow. >> giving birth? >> no, cow's not giving birth. cow is stuck in a tree. so here comes walter mcbride with a chainsaw. >> oh, that's cruel. >> and that is scary. it's like wait a minute, what are we about to watch? we're about to watch a cow rescue. >> yeah. but the thing is going to be moving around. that's actually very scary. potentially very dangerous. >> no kidding! imagine this dude coming near your head with a chainsaw. that's the kind of stuff they make horror movies out of. >> walter is very good with a chainsaw and eventually the cow relaxes a little, realizing my days are not over. >> well there's nothing you can do about it. >> grab that chainsaw doesn't
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>> eventually gets the branch free. the cow's not completely out. then it's like let me just shake my head and walks it off. >> dang walter that was close. >> guys. >> now this next video, strangely fascinated by this. what we have right here is a squirrel and the person in the kayak is amber baumgartner and she's basically getting a skirt escort. >> hey, little skirt squirrel. >> where are the squirrel's water skis. >> right. there's something wrong here. >> that squirrel's part and stuff and didn't get the memo that it's a squirrel. >> it's a wide open highway. it's nice and clear. the weather's good. you're going to be keeping an eye out. >> but all week -- >> oh! >> out of nowhere. do you guys even see it coming? >> you saw the first bounce but there was really nowhere to go it was coming at you so fast. >> right. >> the only real indication you can see is the brake lights. that van up ahead.
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>> oh, before you just hear crunch then you see the entire window fog up because of these air bags which have then deployed. the people inside managed to get the car over to the side of the road. everybody appears to be fine. 9 end of the video can you see he's opening up the bonnet to disconnect the horn which just won't stop. we head over to germany for this next video where we're riding the autobahn world famous for having no speed limit whatsoever which is why it's the perfect road toe driving a porsche 997 gt2 especially when you're doing a speed run. >> this guy is absolutely burning up the fast line. coming up behind -- >> he's able to just absolutely floor it. >> and quicker rapidly approaching the top speed in this video of 207.5 miles per hour. let's just hope nothing happens. >> oh, oh, oh, no no.
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in fact, but look at this guys. gently eases off, doesn't jam on the brakes, that could have sent him in to an uncontrollable spin. manages to get the force from 200 miles an hour, flows it all the way down to zero and gets it off the side of the autobahn. >> they say the only real drama that happens to the porsche is some of the plastic was damaged. but from 200 something miles an hour, having a total tire failure on the autobahn is a pretty impressive display of >> captain, they're expecting and what other way to figure out the sex of their baby? the scene is all set. got a pink balloon and a blue balloon. they're both filled with bait. >> so the fish are going to choose? >> yes. going to leave it to the hammerheads. not the baby, the balloons,
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>> he's going to leave the balloons to the hammerheads to figure out the gender of the baby. >> wait a minute. it doesn't work like that. if the hammerhead chooses the blue balloon that doesn't mean you just get a boy. >> well here comes the hammerhead. >> oh, my god. >> oh. >> and it looks like it clobbers the blue balloon. >> so the shark gods have spoken. the blue balloons has got ate by a hammer. >> hammerhead is never wrong. so it looks like it's a boy! >> shark gods said it a boy. it's going to be a pig. >> and i know folks at home are probably thinking like, like, how would the shark even know. it did. he says the hammerheads don't lie. they're due in december. so i hope for the sake of the hammerheads, and for the baby that still has to go home in a
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>> yeah, yeah. >> it's a girl. >> no that's a boy. >> they're calling him steve. >> it's a boy. >> just ahead in more of today's new videos an officer makes a routine traffic stop but then things get interesting. >> so at this time you are under arrest. >> could you face that way for me? >> but he doesn't. he races away. >> see what happens when this chase take a dramatic turn. >> oh. >> -- on fire. >> and why this adorable dog's got the whole >> soaping up, i want some suds. >> i don't know why this is so amusing. . people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm.
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closed captioning provided by -- allegra-d?? my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. if you spent just two minutes trying to imagine what officer you'd very quickly figure out there is no such thing. officers never know what situation they're walking into no matter how normal it seems. this is just released body cam for officer chris from new mexico. pretty simple, everyday situation. >> if you're going to ride on the roadway, you can't be like in the very middle. you need to be on the right side. >> he does start asking some
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>> once he's got a little bit of information the officer calls it back in to make sure everything's on the up and up. >> anthony bacha. >> did the officer have any reports of suspicious people in the neighborhood? >> didn't have any kind of information along those line. seems just like an over-day thing. >> caller 19 anthony bacha -- >> somebody by that name does have a warrant out so now the officer wants to make sure it's the right person asks for more information gets the guy's social calls it back when the information comes back it's not good news for this guy. straight up you've got a possible warrant for your arrest, okay? at this point now the officer was in him. so at this time you are under arrest. >> can you face that way for me? >> running southbound. >> he take off the officer takes off right behind him. this is where the officer pulls out his taser. ames it and deploys. but -- >> stop! >> oh! >> stop!
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>> as the us is expect running away i think he's finds a weapon, i see a bright flash of light and you can hear the pop. >> you can catch a glimpse of what looks like a weapon on his arm. >> the officer calls out in pain. -- >> on fire. >> let's them know what's going on. >> i'm not sure where he went. i might have been hit. >> let's them know. >> 19-p i'm hiding by a house by a grill. >> of course once that call's gone over the radio you know his brother officers have heard t the sirens coming closer. >> i'm coming out. >> you can hear a shout from another officer. >> over here! >> was the officer okay? did they catch the guy? >> this update, the police department's facebook page that they did manage to catch anthony bacha and he was served with arrest warrants and now the officer was struck. in fact there is a sort of a crowd funding up on
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>> won't take you long to figure out where this is happening, because it happens a lot down under. >> ireland? >> more like -- >> oh! oh! >> oh, no but they want to be. these are carpet pythons and this s&l how males battle it out when it's that time of year for them to get their groove on and try ladies. but these two are multitasking. not only are they hanging off the side of this house, they're fighting. >> wow. >> wow. >> no. >> i love burpees said no one ever. except minnie. minnie is a miniature pincher and her perfect game is on.
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german shepherd is out, she wants to go play. >> well open the door and let her go play! >> and they say she does it when -- >> like there's a bug outside she'll do the exercise. last one. the toy poodle. that likes to shower like a human. ? >> it's like i got to wash the ears, i've got to get behind the ears. a little more water up top. i want to soap it up. i want some suds. >> one fast and dangerous flight. >> hold onto something it's pretty intense. >> there's no room for errors. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, she's a model who weighs 700 pounds. she doesn't want to stop there. >> her goal is to be 1,000 pounds. >> i want to be the fattest
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>> how packing them on is feeding her need for internet fame. plus why this game of human bowling is painfully fun. >> whoa look out.
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[ announcer ] cortizone-10 ecz promotional considerations provided by -- eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. i want to be the fattest woman in the world. >> this is monica riley. she is 27 years old, and she is a bbw model. that's a big, beautiful woman. she is currently 700 pounds. her goal is to be 1,000 pounds.
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here she is measuring around her waist, you can see she is 91 inches around her stomach. >> i don't know about being comfortable in their own skin but that seems like the kind of thing that needs treatment. >> you're exactly right. this is extremely dangerous for someone's health but she says she has a large following online and men send her money so she can buy food and she sends pictures of her eating it. her boyfriend sidney helps funnel feed her. >> just makes me feel proud because she's achieving what she wants to do. >> what happens when she becomes immobile? she can rely on others to take care of her >> she is. she says there will be guys who will be around to help her. she says if sidney leaves there's another man who's willing to step in. >> the feeders, these guys kind of affected. this is two different mental illnesses banging up against each other and she's going to pay the price. >> her mom did not fully
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online presence. >> that's what makes me happy. >> to not be able to take care of yourself? >> well -- >> when monica first got started it was surprising who her photographer was it was this young man her stepbrother he said yeah people probably think it's weird but she's doing what she wants to do. and to me, she's found two people in her life who are enabling her. >> you see why. i mean for her, people are giving her a lot of attention. she gets to feel beautiful. she gets to feel sexy. together and she's got this guy to love her no matter what. but it's damaging. it's dangerous. and something should be done. >> i love modeling. and it's just what [ indiscernible ] >> who cares if this looks like a summer sport. get yourself that humongous slide and play human bowling. on it. this is a production of super
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>> and then there are human pins -- >> oh! >> this is not what i thought it was at all. >> no. >> man. >> this is -- >> busted niece. >> whoa look out. >> oh! >> the ramp they're on is obviously super cushy so they're not going to necessarily injure themselves. >> whatever. >> every slo-mo of this video is like ow. >> looks like a really fun yoovrn afternoon. of fun are very different. >> oli and i would play this game if the pins were like inflatable. >> and your back would go. my knee would go. honestly we're just picturing all the ways that we would injure ourselves doing it. >> i'm glad they put it together for us to watch. >> did watch the behind the scenes video and it didn't look like anyone was crazily injured. one guy did have a little -- >> oh, yeah. >> so bad.
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fun it was worth it. >> he said it was worth it. >> these guys still got to text their wives. >> there is a new language that they use to stay out of trouble. >> i've been using the huggy face man and woman together, two hearts. >> oh. >> why the emoji is upping their love game. >> i find -- >> yes, because you give her
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over his leg. but nothing happens. it's just an incredible experience! >> michael phelps in the making. ? >> that's my wife wanting to know when i'm coming home today. >> oh. >> some men out there have trouble communicating with
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with this other language. >> what? you have to tell your wife when you're coming home? >> ha! >> yeah, totally. >> of course. >> by the way, what emoji did you use? >> i use the smiley face with the little heart shaped eyes. >> oh, that's a good one. >> oh, yeah that goes a long way are you kidding? >> the new long of emoji. some of these guys have got it figured out. tripp the newlywed doesn't understand. >> got to up your emoji game. the winky emoji. that gets you away with a lot of stuff. >> i believe in winky face. >> oh? >> it's the new love language. >> what? use an emoji. >> well -- what do you mean you didn't use an emoji. >> literally wrote i will home late, do not wait up. >> oh. >> there's my wife. and she says okay. >> he got the okay. but the guys interpret that
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emoji -- >> oh. >> says okay. >> it's not okay. >> if she texts okay it's okay. but emoji okay, not okay. >> dude -- >> so that's a good one. >> no about theer. >> maybe can save your marriage. kissy face with smiling eyes. >> oh! >> oh, come on. >> the kitty with the heart eyes is bad news. there's only one thing tripp can do here. he's got to go. >> who cares about this. >> do what you got to do. >> do it. do it. >> bring it for you brother. >> and we're clear. >> whoo. >> yep. >> oh. >> they were just trying to get rid of the big winner. >> here i thought they were supporting him in his new marriage. but that's what your bros are for. >> yep. >> every single time. >> now that you're all caught up on today's awesome videos go to to check out more, or catch us on the next
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